Sunday, September 2, 2012

Introducing Prudential PRUclinic care

PRUclinic care is a regular premium investment linked medical rider that can be added to your Investment Link Policy. 

1. It can be used at any of the clinics (cannot be used at hospitals for admission) that has the PRUclinic care Logo and can claim up to RM 1500 / year. 

2. The plan is cheap and is guaranteed to be renewed up to 2 years. For the rates, click HERE

3. To use this card, just flash it at any CLINIC that has the PCC logo. If you flash your PCC card at the clinic, you don't need to pay anything up to the RM1500/year limit. However should you were to exceeded the RM 1500/year limit, you need to absorb the excess limit. The following year another RM 1500 will be made available.

4. Who can apply? Anyone from age 1-60 of age can apply. Foreigners whom are qualified to get the PRUhealth & PRUfleximed medical card can also apply for this PRUclinic care card.

5. Since the PCC is expiry for 2 year if 1st year did not claim, for the 2nd year will it roll over to RM 3K? Answer: No, the balance of unclaimed amount will not be carry forward.

6. After 2 years, the PCC automatically expires, and there won't be any balance carry forward.

7. Long term medications/illnesses, vitamins, supplements, sex stimulants, sleeping disorders, v i a g r a, is not cover able for the PCC.

8. If you happen to go to the clinic and do the X-ray & Ultrasound, it is covered under the PCC plan, if the clinic has such equipment.

9. Customer whom had already purchase PCC can check their annual limit balance << HERE >>

10. Agent commission for this: 1st year 4.5%, second year 6.0%

11. You must already have PRUhealth or PRUflexi med medical card before you can get PRUclinic care card (PCC).