Day Surgery Lists

Question: Can I claim if I am not admitted to the hospital but instead as day surgery?

QUOTE(pandah @ Aug 21 2012, 11:18 PM)
Does this means if there is no hospitalization, then the scans/any tests/consultation fee will not be covered? is there a list of term of what is the conditions that allows a claim, and what are excluded?
Not all medical conditions needs to be hospitalized. Do note that the medical card is not meant for routine medical checkup & investigative or diagnostic test admission. Should these tests are performed and the Doctors found nothing, the client is required to bear for the hospital services/charges.

Here are a Day surgery List:-

ENT & Ophthalmic Procedures
a. Cataract with or without intra occular lens implant
b. Retinal Detachment surgery
c. Surgical excision of pterygium
d. Removal of foreign body from Ear, Nose or Throat (applicable to child below 12 years old only)
e. Myringotomy & Grammets insertion

Orthopeadic Procedures
a. Antroscopy knees
b. Removal of orthopeadic implants
c. Manipulation / reduction of joints under GA
d. Excision of growth / tumours under GA
e. Release of trigger fingers, carpal tunnel/tarsal tunnel syndrome

O&G Procudures (Exclude all pregnancy & infertility related conditions)
a. Marsupialisation / Excision of Bartholin's gland
b. Laparoscopy
c. Diagnostic D&C
d. Excisions biopsy / I&D abscess breast lump

Genito-urinary Procedures
a. Cystoscopy
b. Insertion / Removal of J stent
c. Ultrasound guided renal biopsy
d. Urethral dilatation
e. ESWL (Lithotripsy)

General Surgery Procedures
a. Gastroscopy / Colonscopy
b. Branscoscopy with or without washout
c. Insertion of Hickman line / chemopart
d. Creation of AV Fistula
e. Haemorrhoidectomy (stapled / rubber banding)
f. Ultrasound guided liver biopsy
g. Therapeutic aspiration of abdomen / pleural cavity
h. Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy for cancer
i. Kidney dialysis

Cardiac Procedure
a. Coronary angiogram

Please note that the procedures are Day Surgery as recommended from the insurer. The decision and any necessity for any in-hospitalization shall be at the discretion of the attending Doctor.