Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Importance of the Medical Card

I'm sure that if you visit any hospitals nowadays you're sure to bump into an insurance agent. It is our job to be at hospitals and sometimes as agent's not only we have to talk to a complete stranger but also to hear them out.

Just for sharing, I met a guy whose sister was in Intensive Care Unit at one of the private hospitals in Penang. The sister is 55 years of age, and had been ICU for 25 days for Stroke.

It was her first time being so sick in the hospital for that long. The family was frantically gathering all their resources they had in order to pay for the medical bill which eventually amounts to RM 90,000 in just 25 days.

She had completely drained her Employee's Provident Fund in order to pay for the hospital bill, something which she had worked for, for the past 30 years, all being used to pay for the hospital bill IN 25 DAYS!

According to the brother, the sister used to have a medical card from one of the insurer but later cancel it because she paid to the agent and the agent did not bank in the premium on her behalf. Ever since she had never trusted in insurance and thought it is a scam.

However there is good news after the 25 days of ordeal in the ICU. She was finally able to open her eyes once again and although bedridden, she is able to see her 7 other siblings, the ones that she cared for all her life....

Note to readers: Please make it a point to pay directly to the insurance company via auto banking or credit card as to prevent unscrupulous agents to absconded with the premium.