Friday, August 24, 2012

The Importance of the Medical Card - Sharing by QuickSilverV3

Appended below is a heart warming sharing by QuickSilverV3 on Low Yat Forum. You can read his post HERE

QUOTE(QuickSilverV3 @ Aug 25 2012, 01:27 AM)
I am 20 years old, still studying, but planning to take the test to become an insurance agent as part time job, currently doing diploma will be graduating in about ten months time, by doing this i can say that it wont affect my studies because usually when i got home i just sit in front of the computer and play all day long and yet i manage to sustain a reasonable grade in my studies. By substituting my day long habit to this job i would say it is a wise decision for me to make up since myself has spine issues. 
I do realize the importance of having an insurance because i didn't have it when the time i was admitted in the hospital in critical condition. 
About 200k spent on the whole process of treatment, surgery, hospitalization and more. By the time my parents was about to retire but they got no choice but to spend on the expenses incurred. I feel sad to delay their retirement, just because of my unfortunate situation, they are now still working on behalf of me. 
Since i had suffered from this agonizing pain, i feels that everyone should have an insurance with them in the long run because something inevitable may happen to anyone of us and we don't know it, we can't 100% guaranteed that the next day we will be as healthy as we are today, but if we got the money to soothe the sharing pain of your love ones, then it will not be a problem to us, but what if we got nothing? 
From my experience that i have gone through life and death, what i sees insurance is very enormous because if i bought it before i was in the incident, then my parents burden won't be that much compare to today. And thank god, i am still alive sitting down here. Cheers.