Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Emergency Hospitalization

I paid a visit to one of the private hospital in Penang on 1st day of Raya and to my surprise there are several Malay families waiting patiently at the ICU ward.

I met a Malay guy at the ICU ward and he was initally taken a back when I introduced myself to him. 

As we chatted, he said that he was celebrating the Raya at the hospital due to his elder sister age 52 was warded at the ICU for Stroke.

It has been 10 days since she had the attack and thank god she had manage to open her eyes. They're waiting for the doctors to finally discharge and bring her back.

The hospital bill amounted to RM 25K in just 10 days of ICU for the Stroke and thank god she has a Prudential BSN medical card (I am not the servicing agent).

Medical card is something we never know when we'll need it, but we have to prepare for it before anything happens.