Friday, April 12, 2013

Hurry! PRUflexi Medical Card Upgrading Campaign

Please be informed that Prudential's PRUflexi med medical card upgrading which was started since Jan 2013 is going to end in June 2013. has been extended until 31st Dec 2013 due to overwhelming response.

As you may know, medical at the private hospital can be rather costly and if not upgraded may not be sufficient in the event of a major claim. 

This upgrading is specially targeted at older medical cards with lifetime limit of less than RM 500K. For older medical card with RM 150K lifetime limit, upgrading to the PRUflexi med minimum plan will upgrade the lifetime limit to RM 500K!

Kindly get in touch with your agent to know if you are being selected for the upgrading. If you are selected for the upgrade, the older medical cards with superior terms (for example, take home drugs, consultation charges & long term medication) will be retained if you are selected.

If you have any questions please ask. Thanks.

Many have irregular heartbeats

Source: < The Star: Many have irregular heartbeats >

KUALA LUMPUR: Unknown to them, thousands of Malaysians are walking time bombs liable to explode anytime.
These people are unaware they have irregular heartbeats which could lead to blood clots or burst arteries that could result in death or severe physical incapacitation such as paralysis.
Atrial Fibrillation-Strike Out Stroke chairman Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian said 20% out of 49,000 patients with high blood pressure, were discovered to have irregular heartbeats.
“This does not include the diabetic group or other chronic diseases,” he said in a press conference yesterday after the launch of the Atrial Fibrillation-Strike Out Stroke in Malaysia book for medical care providers.
Dr Sim said one in five amongst the elderly suffered from irregular heartbeat or artrial fibrillation (AF) and that irregular heartbeat contributed to 15% of all stroke cases.
Deputy Health Director-General (Medical) Datuk Dr S. Jeyaindran said the prevalence of AF in Malaysia was 6.2% and it was much higher than the average 4% in other countries.
He said studies carried out last year in Hospital Kuala Lumpur looked at every fifth person out of 5,000 patients treated for non-communicable diseases.
Dr Jeyaindran said 46% of those aged 30 and above suffered from hypertension according to the National Health and Morbidity Survey.
“This is very high,” he said.
He urged doctors to monitor people from high risk groups such as smokers and those suffering from hypertension or diabetes.
He said patients could be treated with blood thinning medication if they have irregular heartbeat and this would help reduce their risk of a stroke.
Ultimately, Dr Jeyaindran urged people to adopt lifestyle changes such as reducing their salt and sugar intake.
Malaysian Society of Neurology president Prof Dr Hamidon Basri said once a person suffers a stroke, their condition would deteriorate at 5% every year.
He also said people were wrong to think they would be okay after overcoming mini strokes.
Prof Dr Hamidon added mini strokes were an indication that a bigger one (stroke) was on its way and patients must be continuously monitored because of this.
In his speech, Health Director-General Noor Hisham Abdullah said the Health Ministry’s publication, Health Facts 2012, reported that cardiovascular disease was the leading cause of mortality in hospitals, accounting for 25.64% of all deaths in 2011.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Medical Card "Guaranteed Renewal" & "Waiver of Premium"

While shopping for a medical card or health insurance, always know what you are buying. Cheap products doesn't always necessary mean it is good. You get what you're buying for.

For a medical card that is not guaranteed to be renewed, once substantial claims had been made, the next year even if you are able to pay for the premium, the insurer will deny coverage to the medical card.

For a medical card that is guaranteed renewal, if you've already made substantial amount of claims, the next policy year the annual limit will be refreshed, and you can claim up to the maximum lifetime limit it allows you to do so.

However, do note that once a substantial amount of claim has been made, there is a possibility of the condition may be excluded or even rejected for UPGRADING or getting a SECOND medical card from the same or from another insurance company.

If the claim is under Critical Illness claim, policy with waiver will also waived the future premiums paid, subject to the terms and conditions as stipulated in the 36 Critical Illness.

Waiver of premiums here means the insurer will take over the policy and pay on our behalf and it does not mean that the policy is FREE.

For example, if the person was diagnosed with cancer at age 30, survived it, and the medical card is up to age 80, the premiums will be waived till age 80. 

However, at older age the insurance charges may still go up and if there is not enough funds to cover the increased insurance charges, we are still required to do top ups in order to maintain the policy.

Hence, if the policy is with a large Critical illness being attached to the policy, claiming that out would 'free' up the premium and the premium paid by the insurer will automatically be allocated to buying you even more units into your cash values. 

That would at least provide some peace of mind that the policy will not need to be top up at later years.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Insurance Statement for Income Tax 2012

Please be informed that Prudential is currently sending out Insurance Statement for the premiums paid for year 2012.

Kindly get in touch with your servicing agent if you haven't receive the statement.

Alternatively you can call our customer service hotline at 03-2116 0288. Before calling, do standby your policy no. The policy no can also be found in your medical card.

Medical Card Upgrading Exercise (PRUflexi med)

Please be informed that Prudential has been running the medical card upgrading exercise since Jan 2013.

The upgrading exercise is being offered to those selected few and will ends on Jun 30th 2013.

Clients whom had bought the medical card with superior terms and if selected for the upgrade shall retain the superior terms should they choose to upgrade to the newest PRUflexi med card.

The superior terms in older medical card covers the following for Cancer Treatment & Kidney Dialysis:-
1. Take home drugs
2.  Long term medication
3. Consultation charges

For more information on PRUflexi med << CLICK HERE >>

Hurry get in touch with your Prudential Servicing Agent today! If your agent has is no longer in the business, you may email to me on how to arrange for the upgrading.

My email address is or SMS to 016-451 5957. All correspondent will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.