Thursday, April 4, 2013

Medical Card Upgrading Exercise (PRUflexi med)

Please be informed that Prudential has been running the medical card upgrading exercise since Jan 2013.

The upgrading exercise is being offered to those selected few and will ends on Jun 30th 2013.

Clients whom had bought the medical card with superior terms and if selected for the upgrade shall retain the superior terms should they choose to upgrade to the newest PRUflexi med card.

The superior terms in older medical card covers the following for Cancer Treatment & Kidney Dialysis:-
1. Take home drugs
2.  Long term medication
3. Consultation charges

For more information on PRUflexi med << CLICK HERE >>

Hurry get in touch with your Prudential Servicing Agent today! If your agent has is no longer in the business, you may email to me on how to arrange for the upgrading.

My email address is or SMS to 016-451 5957. All correspondent will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.