Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Multiple Policies

If the life assured have several policies, for example a Personal Accident policy of RM 20K, a life policy of RM 100K. If the policy holder pass away due to an accident, how much is his nominee entitled to claim? 1. For the Life/PA portion, the nominees will get to claim RM 120K. 2. If the life assured is a husband and a parent that buys policy for his 5 children with a waiver, all the 5 children's policy will be waived until they has attained the age of 25. 3. If the husband adds in spouse waiver to his wife's policy, her policy will also be waived until the end of the term, for example age 70 or 80 for the medical. Do note that waivers are riders that is able to be attached to Investment Linked Policies (ILP) and is not available on stand alone policies (Question contributed by Pandah @ Aug 21, 2012 from LYN Forum).