Monday, December 5, 2016

Man's Greatest Asset

Man's Greatest Asset

People say money is not everything, but in reality, everything these days costs money. That is the fact. Things gets more and more expensive and the value of money that we have grew smaller each day. 

This is why in general most of us gets up in the morning and go to work, in pursuit of the income. That in turn helps to pay for the bills.

Life is a journey and everyone dreams of having a perfect life, starting from young we were raised to have a good education so that it may propel us to be a successful adult.

We would then find our soul mate and one day have kids of our own and hopefully one day retire comfortably. Everyone dream of having the perfection in life.

However, as we know, life is a journey, and one of the things that could happen to us is that we fall seriously ill or is involved in a major accident that causes Total & Permanent Disability (TPD).

Should that were to happened to us, it could robbed us of our greatest asset that we have. It is our ability to work to generate an income is in fact the greatest asset, not our car, not our house nor the amount of money in our bank.

Have you ever thought of how much you or your loved ones would need for the next 10 or 20 years if the TPD were to happened to you, yesterday?

We are the golden goose that lays the eggs (assets/house/car/investments/businesses). As such, doesn't it makes sense to 'protect' the most important assets that you have?