Thursday, October 23, 2014

Introducing PRUcancer

"In Malaysia, medical costs for cancer treatment can go up to RM300,000 while kidney failure could cost you RM150,000 or more. Meanwhile, major organ transplants could amount up to RM100,000."

Introducing PRUcancer

A cancer diagnosis remains one of our greatest fears as it can affect not just us but also the people around us. However all is not lost.

Thanks to the advancement in medical science, the chances of patients recovering from the disease have increased significantly in recent years especially if they are treated early.

However the fight with cancer is by no means easy. It is often a long and painful battle and can wear you down emotionally and physically, not to mention the financial burden you have to cope with.

It is with this in mind that PRUcancer plan was conceived to give you and your family the hope and means to continue in your fight for recovery by concentrating on things that truly matter.

While we can’t stop cancer from happening, there is no reason why we should allow it to stop us from continuing with our lives. With PRUcancer plan, there is always hope after cancer.

» PRUcancer plan offers you

1. Comprehensive Cancer Coverage
PRUcancer plan is a Comprehensive Cancer Coverage plan covering Cancer and Early Stage Cancer up to age 80.

2. Sum Assured Bounce-back Feature for
Early Stage Cancer The Sum Assured bounces back to 100% after 6 months from claiming the Early Stage Cancer benefit. The Sum Assured will remain at 100% throughout the remaining tenure of the policy. Early Stage Cancer Benefit is payable once only.

3. Guaranteed Maturity Benefit
When your policy matures, you will receive a Maturity Benefit of 100% Sum Assured! Even if you have already made a claim on Early Stage Cancer, you will still receive maturity benefit when your policy matures.

4. Affordable Premium
The Premium is affordable!

5. Special Underwriting
Our underwriters have specially tailored the underwriting requirements just for PRUcancer plan.

PRUcancer plans

Number of Units
Sum Assured (RM)
Cancer Benefit
100% of Sum Assured or Total Premiums (See Note 1) that have been paid to date, whichever is higher.
Early Stage Cancer Benefit
i)  Carcinoma In-Situ;
ii)  Early Prostate Cancer
iii) Early Bladder Cancer; or
iv) Early Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
25% of Sum Assured
Compassionate Benefit upon death
10% of Sum Assured or Surrender Value, whichever is higher
Maturity Benefit
100% of Sum Assured 
  • Early Stage Cancer Benefit is payable once only.
  • If Cancer occurs within 6 months from the diagnosis date of Early Stage Cancer, the Cancer Benefit payout will be reduced by the amount paid for Early Stage Cancer Benefit. If Cancer occurs after 6 months from the diagnosis date of Early Stage Cancer, the Cancer Benefit payout will be the amount as described above.
  • This plan will terminate after a claim has been made for Cancer or Compassionate Benefit or upon maturity of the plan.
  • (1) Including extra premium charged on sub-standard life and excluding service tax, if applicable. Total premiums that have been paid to date refer to the actual premiums paid by for this policy.